Company Name: Phenomena Michał Czaicki
Legal form: Sole proprietorship
Form of taxation: Revenue and cost register - account books kept in an accounting office
Company Profile:


Programming and IT services. They also run an on-line store

Annual turnover: 144 000 turnover
Number of documents: about 120 sales invoices annually, 300 purchase documents, 1 bank account
Employment profile: N/A
Accounting operations:


the ability to issue on-line VAT invoices
the ability to send documents in PDF format
the need for remote access to accounting data

Service description

Before deciding to use our company, our client used one of the most popular programs for on-line accounting. The service was cheaper than that conducted by an accounting office, but it required more work as well as the constant need to keep up to date with changes in tax regulations. After analyzing the amount of time spent per month on tasks related to accountancy, e.g. tax and reporting, and the risks associated with misunderstanding or not being aware of relevant legislation, our client decided to use us for his accountancy needs on the condition that it would still be possible to utilize the main features of his prior on-line accountancy, namely:

  • Immediate access to accounting data;
  • The ability to issue on-line VAT invoices from anywhere with Internet access;
  • The ability to transfer accounting data to the accounting office automatically;

Due to the fact we use Comarch software which provides an innovative solution to customers who need a simplified form of accounting, we could offer our client the services he expected and required. We provided the client with a program running in a SaaS system which handles simplified accounting and invoicing (all included in the price for the standard service). The client received all the expected functionality of on-line accounting along with the assistance of a reputable accounting office.

Client benefits in connection with the responsibility for accounting taken by Meritoros:

  • Access to highly skilled experts in the field of tax law
  • The ability to issue on-line invoices and to access accounting data remotely;
  • More free time to focus on business activities rather than accountancy issues;
  • The elimination of errors resulting from manual calculations;
  • Increased business security as a result of Meritoros’s civil liability insurance against any mistakes made by our office;
  • Tax optimization: where possible, we advised our client on how he could minimise his tax liabilities – we can do the same for you.
  • Our client no longer had to monitor tax law and its changes, nor did he have to worry about any compliance issues, this is now done by Meritoros.

The cost of our accounting services for this particular client is PLN 149 net per month (PLN 1,788 per year).

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