Accounting services

We encourage you to take advantage of our accounting office's extensive offer. We provide a full spectrum of services in financial and managerial accounting. We account for companies of different forms and profiles, and build efective systems for reporting financial data for the board. Thanks to a modern and agile approach to accounting issues we focus not only on processing data for fiscal needs, but we also create tools for our Clients that make them more competitive. We also serve companies that use simpler accounting methods: income and expense books ("książka przychodów i rozchodów"), lump sum, tax card ("karta podatkowa"). Below you can find the full spectrum of activities that we provide in scope of our accounting services. A great convenience for You will be that we fulfill our tasks in our offices in Warsaw, Cracow, Katowice and Rzeszów, as well as at our Client's offices. We encourage You to get in touch with Meritoros

We offer:

  •  Managing accounting ledgers in accordance with accounting laws;
  •  Managing settlements of tax on recorded revenue without deductible costs
  •  Managing settlements based on KPiR rules;
  •  Managing settlements of VAT;
  •  Contact with tax offices and assistance during tax audits;
  •  Compiling and submitting tax declarations (monthly and annual);
  •  Creating statistical reports for the Main Statistical Office ("GUS");
  •  Accounting for inflows;
  •  Preparing reports for the National Bank of Poland;
  •  Analysing cost centers;
  •  Budgets;
  •  Applications for lines of credit;
  •  Creating projects for account planning;
  •  Settling service payments;
  •  Compiling annual financial reports;
  •  Reporting for the National Fund for the Rehabilitation of Disabled People ("PFRON");
  •  Record of fixed assets, immaterial and legal assets, as well as equipment;
  •  Consultancy for implementing a document management system;
  •  Consultancy for implementing accounting policies;

Company registration

The thught of sorting out complicated formalities often takes the wind out of the sails of a future entrepreneur and leads to them giving up on their plans. Our mission is to enable You to focus on what’s most important - your ideas and growth. We offer extensive consultancy for legal and organisational matters, as well as completing all activities related to preparing the necessary documents and sending them to the appropriate institutions.

We offer:

  •  Registering different types of companies, e.g., LLCs, branches, joint-stock companies, limited partnerships;
  •  Assembling documents and delivering applications to the correct institutions;
  •  Creating partnership agreements in keeping with national law;
  •  Providing a plenipotentiary to represent the shareholders at local governmental offices;
  •  Organising notary, legal, and translation services which are necessary for the transaction;
  •  Providing a temporary company registered address, in keeping with local requirements;
  •  Opening company bank accounts;
  •  For those that require to begin as quickly as possible, we offer shelf companies, ready to do business, fully registered;

Payment managments

Oftentimes it turns out that, despite the profits in the ledgers, the company bank accounts are empty. It would be best to solve the problem of late payments before it becomes a crisis. Our employees will take care of Your financial liquidity, constantly analysing Your incoming and outgoing payments, preparing trasfers and resolving any eventual disputes with Your counterparties. We also oversee the debt collection process for due balances.

We offer:

  •  Consultancy for securing transactions;
  •  Appraisal of commercial partners' payment capabilities, based on their financial documents;
  •  Monitoring due balances and obligations;
  •  Managing debt payment reminders;
  •  Representing the Client in court;
  •  Assistance with enforced debt collection;
  •  Resolving legal issues;
  •  Managing bank relations;
  •  Managing financial assets and payments;
  •  Generating bank transfers;
  •  Generating payment reminders;
  •  Generating interest notes;
  •  Generating balance confirmations;
  •  Part of these services are provided by Meritoros employees directly, others by our partners in legal matters;

HR and Payroll

A professional, experienced HR and payroll department is a great convenience for employer and employee. In addition to calculating payslips and creating declarations for the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), we will assist You in all responsibilities related to employee documentation.

We offer:

  •  Compiling monthly lists of payslips;
  •  Sending declarations to the SII (ZUS) electronically, using a qualified signature ("podpis kwalifikowany");
  •  Compiling employment contracts, certificates of employment, and other documents related to employment;
  •  Maintaining personnel files;
  •  Preparing annual tax settlements;
  •  Compiling contracts of mandate, commision contracts and per-task contracts ("umowa akordowa");
  •  Registering the company and its employees in the tax office and SII;
  •  Preparing instructions for net payments, social security and income tax;
  •  Completing transfers for the Client based on the previously given authorisation;
  •  Compiling and submitting tax and insurance declarations for the employees;
  •  Compiling and submitting tax and insurance declarations for the company;
  •  Compiling reports for accounting and management purposes;
  •  Compliance audits;
  •  Assistance during audits;
  •  Directing employees to medical examinations as required by employment law;
  •  Compiling statistical reports as required by employment law;
  •  Representing the company, including help during audits by the National Work Inspectory Body (PIP), SII and/or Tax Office;

Virtual office

Sometimes our clients’ companies don’t require office space. However, every company must have an address. You don’t have to rent expensive properties for this reason. As part of our service packages we provide You with our address, which You can use as necessary for correspondence and legal reasons.

We offer:

  •  Company headquarters address;
  •  Renting of office space, when necessary;
  •  Forwarding correspondence;
  •  External signage;
  •  Providing a telephone/fax line, when necessary;;
  •  Renting conference rooms for business meetings;
  •  Full service of business meetings;

Corporate Secretarial

Our corporate secretarial services assist our clients with the management team’s basic responsibilities of running an LLC. An oversight while tending to all documentation and formalities can put entrepreneurs at risk of fines. We help You avoid that.

We offer:

  •  Organising annual general board meetings;
  •  Organising emergency board meetings;
  •  Preparing and submitting annual financial reports;
  •  Maintenance of Records;
  •  Maintaining the register of shares;
  •  Updating trade registers or other data updates;
  •  Assembling and submitting resolutions of the board and shareholders;
  •  Reporting and updating basic changes to the LLC in the National Court Register ("Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy");
  •  Convening and withdrawing board members and members of the supervisory board;
  •  Consultancy for company management in legal matters;


The process of liquidating an LLC (“spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością”) is one that is complicated and long, lasting at least 6 months, in accordance with Polish law. Our company will safely guide You through this process. Thanks to our oversight and advice, the liquidation will be as effective as possible.

We offer:

  •  Searching for a potential buyer for the unwanted company;
  •  Preparation of the necessary documents to begin liquidation;
  •  Preparing the financial reports required for the liquidation process;
  •  Completing the formalities at the Court Register and publishing the new of liquidation;
  •  Informing the appropriate offices about the conclusion of the company;
  •  Storing the company’s documents after liquidation is completed, for the duration required by law;

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